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routine #29

Aprilie 20, 2012 Lasă un comentariu

Fuckin’ hit a pot-hole and lost the lens on rear-right blinker.

  • replaced it with new lens.

routine #28 – Clutch & primary oil change

Aprilie 10, 2012 Lasă un comentariu
  • installed Barnett kevlar/carbon 9-plates performance clutch. 
  • kept the OEM clutch-spring on, even though I have the Barnett heavy-duty spring too, which I’m storing, as it’s too stiff for urban traffic. 
  • naturally, did the primary oil change. 

routine #27 – Battery

Martie 10, 2012 Lasă un comentariu

Yes, on this bike too 🙂

  • installed Harley-Davidson OEM Gel Battery (645Lei)

routine #26 – rear Dyna 13″ shocks

Octombrie 10, 2011 Lasă un comentariu
  • replaced the 11″ Progressive shocks (on which I’ve broken the top rubber thing) with stock Dyna 13″ shocks. Made for the heavier Dyna, they work like heavy-duty on my Sportster.
  • so now my Roadster has a 13″ rear, jacked-up from 11″, like it was designed to, for better lean-angles.
  • now I need better tyres 🙂

routine #25 – rear brake pads change

Octombrie 1, 2011 Lasă un comentariu

Changed the totally shitty Ferodo pads with these OEM replacement pads from Drag Specialties – only the rear.

Racheta mea deghizata in tractor

Aprilie 21, 2011 Lasă un comentariu

Revizie aproape completa + schimb cauciuc spate + niște chestii cosmetice.


routine #24 – service and maintenance

August 25, 2010 Lasă un comentariu

30.000 mile

  • schimb ulei + filtru ulei
  • schimb filtru de aer
  • schimb placute de frana fata/spate
  • verif. lichid de frana fata/spate
  • schimb bujii