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Keanu Reeves and custom builder Gard Hollinger partners in Arch Motorcycle Company

Octombrie 28, 2012 Lasă un comentariu

The partnership first creation is this KR GT1 prototype that you can see below being ridden by Keanu Reeves. The actor visited for the 1st time Gard in 2007 at his L.A. County Choprods shop for a customizing job on one of his favorite rides. That led to a friendship and an ongoing dialogue about riding the ideal machine. Both sharing the same passion for life on two wheels, having common design taste and preference for performance motorcycles, they decided to collaborate under the brand name ofArch Motorcycle Company on a first prototype named the KR GT1s characterized by its power, stability, agility, and aesthetic beauty, offering smooth and impressive power in addition to a comfortable ride. This first prototype is the result of a five-year collaboration with the goal of building a custom motorcycle focused on its ride-ability. A bike begging to be ridden.
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Vintage Addiction, Bangkok, Thailand

Martie 3, 2012 Lasă un comentariu

Every first Sunday of the month, motor heads and vintage bike addicts gather in Bangkok to show off their passion.

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The Motorcycle

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Espresso machine with a Motor theme

Februarie 24, 2011 Lasă un comentariu

Add Speedster to any product name and you are pretty sure to get my attention. I am a big coffee and expresso drinker and the look of this motor-themed machine is absolutely gorgeous.

Made from stainless steel, this advanced machine features a double boiler system, electronic temperature controllers, a steam boiler with heat exchanger to pre-heat the water, a commercial grade rotation pump, two water temperature settings, a four-hole steam tip. Not just another expresso machine but a great piece of conversation.

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Cursa de SuperBike la Embassy

Aprilie 26, 2009 Lasă un comentariu

Ne uitam la cursa de superbike si intram in spiritul racing 😀

ICE3ERG, from iPhone

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routine #19

Aprilie 26, 2009 Lasă un comentariu

Uite stil de parcat motoreta la Embassy cand incepe ploaia 🙂

ICE3ERG, from iPhone.
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Niste Polaroide

Ianuarie 27, 2009 Lasă un comentariu

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