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DIMPLE Drain Plug super-magnets

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DIMPLE® Oil Plugs will, EXTEND the life of your Vehicle!

Dimple „Black Hole” Oil filter magnets, 6 Pack.

There are some Harley Softail models 1999 and below that do not have a drain plug per se. They have a tube which extends down for easy access to drain your oil, just like all the Sportsters.

To protect your engine oil from contaminants, we provide these 6 Powerful magnets that attach to the outside of your Harley oil filter.

You place the magnets on the oil filter in a random position with the dimple facing outwards, which places the North Pole towards the oil.

At the next oil change remove the magnets and put them on the new oil filter.

Be amazed, when you cut open the used filter and see the circles of collected particles!

You can use them on your oil filter even if you do have one of our drain plugs…..double the protection.

Note the correct installed positioning on the Chrome Harley Davidson filter on the lower right.

And the cut open filter on the bottom left that has been cut open for inspection!

Note the dark to gray circles of contaminants captured to the inside wall of the oil filter.

They work and fit all oil filters of course from Vespa’s to Harley’s and Automobiles.


Harley-Davidson quick release windshield

Fahrenheit to Celsius

What is 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?

Start by taking the number in Fahrenheit and subtracting 32. Then divide the number by 9, and then multiply it by 5. This is how you convert Fahrenheit to Celsius or use the equation C = (F – 32) × 5/9 
In this case, the answer is about 37.78 degrees Celsius.

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Burly Slammer Install

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After practicing for four weeks in a foam pit, Mark Monea decides to try and land the first ever 360 front flip. With the added twist, they decided to call it the „Carryon”, but we think „What Were You Thinking? You Could Shatter Every Bone In Your Body” is a more appropriate name.

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Semper ride

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The United States Marine Corps presents rider-to-rider messages from pro athletes to military motorcycle riders, instructing them on safety measures.

But this can apply to any motorman, period.

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Motorcycle Safety tips

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Experienced or not, you can always review these tips:

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Braking

Motorcycle Safety tips for Group Riding

Low Speed Handling

More Tips for Braking

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