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Front Brake-pads for 04-06 XL 1200 R


routine #29

Aprilie 20, 2012 Lasă un comentariu

Fuckin’ hit a pot-hole and lost the lens on rear-right blinker.

  • replaced it with new lens.

routine #28 – Clutch & primary oil change

Aprilie 10, 2012 Lasă un comentariu
  • installed Barnett kevlar/carbon 9-plates performance clutch. 
  • kept the OEM clutch-spring on, even though I have the Barnett heavy-duty spring too, which I’m storing, as it’s too stiff for urban traffic. 
  • naturally, did the primary oil change. 

routine #27 – Battery

Martie 10, 2012 Lasă un comentariu

Yes, on this bike too 🙂

  • installed Harley-Davidson OEM Gel Battery (645Lei)

DIMPLE Drain Plug super-magnets

Noiembrie 12, 2011 Lasă un comentariu

DIMPLE® Oil Plugs will, EXTEND the life of your Vehicle!

Dimple „Black Hole” Oil filter magnets, 6 Pack.

There are some Harley Softail models 1999 and below that do not have a drain plug per se. They have a tube which extends down for easy access to drain your oil, just like all the Sportsters.

To protect your engine oil from contaminants, we provide these 6 Powerful magnets that attach to the outside of your Harley oil filter.

You place the magnets on the oil filter in a random position with the dimple facing outwards, which places the North Pole towards the oil.

At the next oil change remove the magnets and put them on the new oil filter.

Be amazed, when you cut open the used filter and see the circles of collected particles!

You can use them on your oil filter even if you do have one of our drain plugs…..double the protection.

Note the correct installed positioning on the Chrome Harley Davidson filter on the lower right.

And the cut open filter on the bottom left that has been cut open for inspection!

Note the dark to gray circles of contaminants captured to the inside wall of the oil filter.

They work and fit all oil filters of course from Vespa’s to Harley’s and Automobiles.

routine #26 – rear Dyna 13″ shocks

Octombrie 10, 2011 Lasă un comentariu
  • replaced the 11″ Progressive shocks (on which I’ve broken the top rubber thing) with stock Dyna 13″ shocks. Made for the heavier Dyna, they work like heavy-duty on my Sportster.
  • so now my Roadster has a 13″ rear, jacked-up from 11″, like it was designed to, for better lean-angles.
  • now I need better tyres 🙂

routine #25 – rear brake pads change

Octombrie 1, 2011 Lasă un comentariu

Changed the totally shitty Ferodo pads with these OEM replacement pads from Drag Specialties – only the rear.