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Accutronix 6″ Forward Controls Extension For Harley Sportsters

Many tall riders loving and riding Harley Sportsters dislike their legs position on this small bike. To help people with a long inseam stretch out, Accutronix has added to their line a +6″ Forward Control Extension kit that you can install on all 2004-Up Sportsters. The shift & brake rods are polished stainless steel. The +6″ forward control Extension Plates (machined from 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum are powder coated gloss black to match your frame) bolt to the frame where the stock Sportster forward controls are mounted at the factory. Then, the Shift & Brake arms as well as the foot pegs then mount 6″ forward from the stock location. Full Sportster Kit retails for $264.95. Made in Phoenix, AZ by Accutronix. 623-516-9600.
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